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A second banana is not merely a straight man, though being a straight man is part of the job.

For 30 years, as Johnny Carson’s foil on The Tonight Show, Ed Mc Mahon, who has died aged 86, defined second banana, and, with Carson, remade the talk-show format.

Leila Stonehouse, 82, who bought her flat in Evenlode 26 years ago for £15,554, said: “They must be kidding.

They would have to cover it in gold for it to be worth that much. They’re doing nothing on this flat and that’s the end of that.

He still visits approximately twice a day to stock up on ingredients, eat a protein-packed lunch, and check in with friends, and as such, he has plenty to say about the place.

All the while, I'm panicking because I've turned off my recorder for the short walk. "Hi guys, hi," Kiernan says, backing away smoothly.

Unlike many comic partnerships, the two remained close friends; Mc Mahon likened it to a marriage in which he was Carson’s “insignificant other”. Carson was notoriously touchy; Mc Mahon described him as “packing a tight suitcase”.

Once, he anticipated Carson’s punchline about mosquitos preferring “hotblooded” targets by slapping his own arm; Carson had to be restrained from firing him immediately. The family moved frequently as his father, a vaudevillian, salesman, entrepreneur and carny operator found and lost work; Mc Mahon claimed to have attended 15 schools before settling with his grandmother in Lowell, Massachusetts to finish high school.

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When Crosby and I first enter Erewhon together, people approach him from all sides, and he does the same, greeting friends and acquaintances and strangers, waving to anyone who calls his name, discussing salad options and business plans, and getting cornered about his bright red Pharrell Stan Smiths (a gift from Adidas) by a middle-aged woman who tells me, "I'd seen him here before, but he was so busy." Even when we venture outside to post up at a table and talk about his past, present, and future as a health coach, model, certified Instagram hunk, self-proclaimed celebrity chef, and cookie genius behind Cookie Genius, his line of ketogenic treats with the tagline "Eat Dessert, Burn Fat," passersby shout, "Hey, Crosby!

" "I'm almost thinking of headlining this piece, ‘The Mayor of Erewhon,'" I joke. Crosby, like any good mayor, goes on to expound on the greatness of Erewhon: its active and close-knit wellness community, its potential and reality as a gathering space.