Oracle if updating column

14-May-2016 06:06

Table 19: USER TAB_PRIVS_RECD data dictionary view.Users can access the USER_COL_PRIVS_MADE for information on column privileges that they have granted to others.Changes made by the SQL statement might be rolled back too.

REDO records and change vectors If a row is modified by a SQL statement, Oracle Database generates redo records describing that change. tablespace_name, s.extent_management FROM user_tables t, user_tablespaces s WHERE t.tablespace_name = s.Introduction If a table column is updated with the same value in a row, does Oracle RDBMS engine modify the data?I have a Oracle database table with some fields (columns) in numeric format.

Now I need to update one column, namely store_id, to make it a primary column with unique number id.Generated redo records are applied to the database blocks taking the blocks to next version.

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