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03-Feb-2016 15:16

I met a Russian lass in Vancouver who had obviously undergone that surgery, done by experts... It was as if "she" had been heavily mind-conditioned to shut-down the moment the conversation got to exposing anything related to her true identity and base... She probably hasn't had any normal life what so ever.. She acted like she had been extremely protected, like a precious bio-experiment... It's an interesting anomaly, when a "sleeper spy" is triggered to retreat from a specific topic-line, which goes against their conditioning...

If females had a penis, same gender sex would be really i were a girl who grew a penis id probably cry about itif i were a girl who actually had a full body instant sex change id probably hold it togethereither way its impossible you can mutilate your vagina with surgery turning your clitoris into a tiny penis made of vagina but you'll never be a man In topic "sex-change surgery".. She was on welfare, and playing the "hippy role", which was out of date by at least twenty years.. And it happened a second time, and a third time, in Exactly the same MO...

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Shin also said that a chemical found in the instant noodle packaging may be another factor affecting the gender difference.The study says a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) is commonly found in styrofoam containers used to hold some brands of instant noodles.Studies have shown that BPA can interfere with the body's hormones, particularly the female sex hormone estrogen, Shin said in a statement.The robot travels around the world and asks people questions that are designed to make them reflect on their values and beliefs, such as "If there was no money and no law, what would be the first thing that you would do?

" or “Tell me something that you’ve never told a stranger before.” According to Boxie’s creator, Alexander Reben, a kinetic engineer and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, people tend to open up to the diminutive robot. run mostly by cocaino and ill-gotten money, just like North America is... For a flash-moment you can see their programmer in them...

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