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The simplest explanation of enjo kosai probably makes it sound about as literal as the above term suggests: participants – usually high school and junior high school girls – are paid for their time and companionship given to older, often reasonably wealthy men.

Sometimes this payment is simply in the form of money, although for the gyaru who supposedly began the trend, gifts of expensive brand-name items are also fairly common.

While a common perception of the practice essentially paints it as a form of child prostitution, in which girls sell sexual favours in exchange for money or designer goods, others insist that the exchange of a girl’s company, and nothing more, make up the vast majority of cases.

Anthropologist Laura Miller, for example, argues in a journal article (‘Those Naughty Teenage Girls: Japanese Kogals, Slang, and Media Assessments’, 14) that most enjo kosai ‘dates’ consist simply of groups of girls accompanying groups of older men to karaoke bars for several hours and then being compensated for their time, with physical intimacy having no part in the exchange.

It was a ‘telekura’ club (‘tele’ from telephone, ‘kura’ from ‘kurabu’, or club.) The experience was a revelation, to say the least.

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