Dating a metrosexual man

11-Oct-2016 08:44

If someone passes on you because of it, chances are they werent worth your time in the first place. If the tart cannot handle it you are better off without her, move on and don't change what you do just because some tart makes an "assumption" just because you take care of yourself.

You hear a lot about this magical creature, and it makes you wonder- are these guys flitting about like effeminate lady boys, or are they irresistible pinnacles of grooming and charm?

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Be who you want to be and look the way you want to look. You are just a guy who takes care of his appearance. What did she expect, Pirate scars and an eye patch? Most women i have hears pay attention to details like clean nails (Most neglected in men) and clean shoes. i guess what she means is that maybe she'd prefer him to have a face that looks like it's been in a few fights. You are a guy who takes care of himself and wears what is comfortable and you look good, so what.

He started out in the cities but now, can be seen in the most obscure backwoods or suburb.