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26-Jan-2016 15:03

whatever.” The quote was similar to one that Trump used to describe Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

The comedian took to Twitter to caption the photo, which has deemed too graphic to run, “There was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his … was referring to Pastor Terry Jones, the leader of the anti-Muslim group Stand Up America Now and former independent candidate for president, hanging and burning an effigy of Obama in 2013.

I’m merely mocking the Mocker in Chief.” The image quickly received backlash on Twitter.

Griffin later offered a disclaimer, saying, “Obviously, I do not condone any violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever!

So, if I talked to Anderson like a gay guy, I didn’t mean to out him, I was just talking the way I talk.” Cooper then got a chance to speak, saying, “Why would I care what other people say?

” Griffin added, “He only cares about what people think he looks like.

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin have a special relationship — one in which he apparently doesn’t mind her ribbing him about sex (and didn’t even before he came out) and sending him nude selfies.

The president has not responded to the image, but his son Donald Trump Jr.

This famous funny lady is also a highly recognized advocate for the LGBT community.

Comedian Kathleen "Kathy" Mary Griffin was born on November 4, 1960, in Oak Park, Illinois.

Sure, we know the two have already broken up, but observing them interact—behold the clip above, in which a Segway training session is as tender and romantic as a shared plate of spaghetti in —at least gave us some inkling into what made their much-buzzed about relationship work while it lasted. —OK, not all that shocking—news that Griffin and The Woz never, you know, actually..."The truth is," she added, "we really were friends the whole time." She announced their split in April (they met in 2007 after he watched her perform).

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After they called it quits, she said "he met someone very quickly and then they [got] engaged.""I have had dinner with them, and she's a thousand times more appropriate! "I hate to say it, but in the Bruce, Demi, Ashton [scheme of things], I'm the Bruce! Regardless of carnal knowledge, however, the bar has been set: If you expect to woo her, Miss Griffin demands nothing short of one billion dollars in liquid assets (that's what comes of learning your first husband took ,000 out of your bank account in small ATM installments), upon which she'll gladly accept your offer for dinner, and generously overlook any obvious toupees that might have come along for the ride. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career; I will continue. In the video, Griffin predicted the potential for controversy, saying, “We have to move to Mexico today because we’re going to go to prison.” Griffin has continuously spoken out against Trump throughout his entire campaign and after he took office.